Art is Life Best Artistic/Cartoon Theme for MIUI 11

Hello Mi Fans! Today I will share new theme Art is Life to spice up the style of your Xiaomi phones running MIUI 11. MIUI supports changing themes depending on personal choices. It has a dedicated Theme Store Application which comes packed with MIUI in Xiaomi Phones.

It’s been a very long time for us to not updating the MIUI theme section. It’s not because of lazyness but simply we couldn’t manage to find a great third-party theme to share.

There are a plethora of themes available mostly free in the Themes Manager app. Thanks to the contributions of theme designers around the globe for creating such cool, awesome, or elegant themes. There are just so many theme styles you can choose.

This is a free MIUI 11 theme that brings dark style to your Xiaomi phone. By what we mean a Xiaomi phone, it can be Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, Redmi Note, anWd Poco series.

Art is Life MIUI 11 Theme is created by Toadnail and is available already in the Themes store. It boasts a distinctive UI style of Red Module.

Art is Life Best Artistic/Cartoon Theme for MIUI 11

What’s New in this Art is Life MIUI 11 Theme:

  • MIUI 11 Compatible
  • Supports Dark Mode
  • No WhatsApp Module
  • Cool Icons
  • Clean UI
  • Stunning System UI
  • Lockscreen
  • Dynamic Music Player
  • And much more to explore.

You can launch up the Themes Manager app and search for “Art is Life” in the search bar. Need a short cut? You got it! Simply click the button below on your phone and you’ll be redirected to the right page.

Theme Store

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How to Install this Theme

Step 1: Click on the Theme Store Link or go to your Theme Store and search for the above theme.

Step 2: Download the theme.

Step 3: Apply the theme.

For those who are not able to go directly to Theme Store, use Mi Browser which comes built in with MIUI.

How to Install Third Party Themes on Xiaomi MIUI phones

Method 1: Permanent Solution(Won’t go to default Theme)

Step 1: Download and install this App: MiXplorer

Step 2: After installing open the App.

Step 3: Enable Show hidden globally & recursively

Step 4: Now open Settings Menu > Additional settings > Full screen display and select Buttons.

Step 5: Now again Go to Settings > Additional settings > Button shortcuts > Close current app > select Long press the Back button

Step 6: Now Go to Themes App and start downloading any theme.

Step 7: After the download has finished and you see importing theme Long Press Back Button as soon as possible and you will get message Force closed Themes.

Step 8: Go to MiXplorer > (Go to)Browse your theme file > Open it > And Copy Everything Except description.xml File.

Step 9: Now Go to MIUI > theme > .download > you will a mtz file.

Step 10: Open that mtz file > delete everything except description.xml file.

Step 11: Paste the files you copied from your third party theme.

Step 12: Open Themes App & Apply the Third Party Theme and done.

To watch video click here

Method 2: Using Theme Swap (My Themer App)

Step 1: Go to Play Store and install Theme Swap.

Step 2: Open it and click on the + plus button at the bottom.

Step 3: Select the file which you want to install (.mtz file). Click on Hamburger Menu on top left corner for File Manager.

Step 4: Tap on OK. And wait till the file is unpacking.

Step 5: Click on the Theme Name and Select Pack Theme and Apply.

Step 6: Then it will show a prompt Theme Packed. Apply Now. Click Yes to apply theme.

Step 7: And Boom! Your Third Party Theme has been Installed.

Note: Your theme will be applied but it will not show applied in your theme centre.

Method 3: Using Custom ROM

If you are using custom MIUI 10 or MIUI 11 based Roms like, MIUIRoom, MIUIPro, etc then you can also use this third party theme on your device. You can easily install this MIUI 11 theme mtz without the need of downloading any App. Custom MIUI Roms allows third party themes to get installed and the option is enabled by default. Here is how you can install

  1. Open the Theme Store app.
  2. Select the Themes option.
  3. Scroll down and you will see an option Import. Click on it.
  4. Select the file manager and locate the .mtz file.
  5. Wait until it imports the theme and then the theme will appear there.
  6. Now click on theme to apply it.



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