Apply for MIUI Third Party Themes Installation

This is a permanent solution to get access for Third Party theme. After this you don’t have to use any app or any other thing to apply third party theme. You can directly apply it from the theme store.

It is compulsory to have a Designer a/c in order to Apply for Third Party Theme Access. If you don’t have designer a/c then you can open it from here. (Use same MI a/c which is in your device for opening Designer a/c). After that wait for Xiaomi to Activate your a/c.

Once your a/c has been activated you can message us here.

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Please Note that, this is not a free service you have to pay minimum of 250 to 300 Rs for activating your designer a/c for third party theme access which will take atleast 3 to 5 days to activate. Or you can pay more for priority access as we have lots of accounts pending, we will try our best to activate your account in 1 to 2 days.